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Evolve Your Idea


We need to take action to evolve our ideas.

Action to bring them to life with power and purpose so we can create a successful business that will leave a legacy and make an impact.

Build Your Brand

People love, buy & share BRANDS. #Fact.

We feel deep connections and devotion to brands that we love. And are surrounded by brands that influence us every day. Even if we don't know it! ;-)

A proper brand allows us to better connect with our audience, to have real purpose, to stand out in even crowded markets, to leave a legacy and to make an impact. Our ideas deserve the best chance of success, so let's put in the work, skip the fluff and create a brand that's:

Strong ~ Unique ~ Magnetic ~ Purposeful ~ Powerful.

Snag weekly tips, ideas and insights that will help you evolve your idea and grow your brand!

Make An Impact

Does a brand really help us make an impact?

Yes it does.

It's like giving your business a superpower. A brand adds strength, substance, purpose and power. Allowing you to better empower, inspire, innovate, invent, change and create.

If you want to bring your idea to life, leave a legacy and make an impact...

Take action NOW to

Lana Simonov @ Metapora

"I wanted to create a complex brand that would stand out and really connect with our audience in an emotive and unique way. Now this is what I have and I am really happy."

Hey, I'm Jennifer!

I'm an award winning entrepreneur and founder here at BEA and voice behind Lady Rebel Club. I believe that uniqueness is a gift and that great ideas really can improve the world. That's why I want to help people overcome fears and gain real tools and know-how so they can bring their unique ideas to life and have the impact they want to have.

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